Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I've never really cared for Halloween as an adult with children because I didn't like the pressure of costuming my three kids. It always provided stress that I just didn't think I needed. It was not until we were introduced to the trunk-or-treat at our KY church that I really started liking it. They not only did the TOT, but also combined it with a Fall Festival to boot! This was my favorite event of the year the whole time we were there.

When we moved to Atlanta, we were close to Sam and Jack. So, we had the pleasure of taking them around their neighborhood and watching their excitement. This year, we didn't do that, and it was a sad, sad evening. We live in the country now where nobody even comes to the door. No neighborhood kids, no church kids, no TOT at our church, and no festival. I missed it! It made me long for those days when our entire neighborhood gathered and all the kids went out. Yes, we still checked their candy; yes, we still had to walk them through the neighborhood; so the dangers were still out there, but we at least got to see their little faces light up at the sheer enjoyment of being in the fun.

Our kids are older now, so the excitement comes differently and less frequently. There are more hoops to jump through if you want a true smile from one of them. But, the memories made way back when are still with us, and I think they were even a little bummed that Halloween was passing them by. Next year, we will find a TOT to participate in. My kids or not, it will still be fun to catch some of that chocolatey goodness as it runs past from car to car (or trunk to trunk)!

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