Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the ring

No, no, no.....not the movie! and No, Shea didn't get a ring either (we are still praying for that elusive man to show up--he's somewhere learning how to be a great man before he finds you, Shea!).

Luke's know, the one that helps to keep the poor Josten's rep his job and suckers souls like me into purchasing. You know the one.....THE EIGHTH GRADE RING! What? you didn't know there was such a thing?(then you haven't been reading my blog b/c I told you all about it here) Well, alas, there is.....and we have the pictures to prove it:)

Here he is wearing it and showing his Patriot's pride!

Kinda hard to see it, but this side features musical instruments--we especially like it because it has a sax on it!

His name and school colors

He's really thrilled with it, and this mom couldn't be happier for him. I cannot believe that the school year going by so quickly and next year he will be in high school. The time passes all too quickly---enjoy it while you can!

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