Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Beautiful Mess The Story of Diamond Rio

If you like country music or Diamond Rio, then this book will suit you fine. I found the book to be muddled sometimes and hard to get through especially in the beginning. However, I was unfamiliar with the characters. Fans of the group will find this book gives them some of the answers they may have been searching for when wondering what prompted them to turn to christian music. The stories, told from the points of view of each band member, give varying perspectives on the inside makings of the group and the decisions they made. It gives some insider information that fans may not have been aware of, and allows the fan to travel the bus with them.

Some of the stories are more forthcoming than others. It reads as though not all members of the group were completely on-board with this particular project. I think some of them were uncomfortable sharing all of their story, but I thought they did a good job sharing those parts that they felt were most pertinent because not everything needs to be spoken about in public. I like the pictures, because they gave me, as the reader, the opportunity to feel a part of the story. The later part of the book was the most enjoyable for me as it gave updates on the group now. To tell the story of their past is fine, but I like knowing what they've learned and where they're going from here. All-in-all not a bad read, you just have to keep plugging if you want to get to the good stuff!

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