Wednesday, November 25, 2009

good-bye old friend

Each year, we do an open house for our church folks to remind them that we love them and just show our appreciation to them for letting us minister to them. This year, it's on Dec. 6 so I have to start getting ready. So, in preparation, I started my Christmas decorating today. I put up our "big" tree (it's not really that BIG per se, but it's the one that only I am allowed to decorate--some things just have to be perfect!). We got everything out of the building and started going through the boxes to see what we would use. It's exciting for us this year because we haven't really decorated for the past two years. Two years ago we were living in that tiny apartment in ATL and last year we had just moved here so there really wasn't time to go all out. However, in the midst of all of this cheer we are gathering for the season, I feel as though I am betraying an old friend---Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving, and if there were a forgotten or discarded holiday, it is the one. WE just breeze right over it without so much as a second thought. We gobble up the turkey (or ham if you live here), sift through the black Friday ads, and go to the movies. Then, the next morning we are off--up and running early to "start" a holiday that the stores started months ago.

Thanksgiving is about family and friends. This year will be very different for us as we will not be surrounded by either. Now, don't feel too sorry for us--we were asked and declined several invitations. Shea won't be here because of work and we just didn't feel like we could drive to ATL to be with everyone. So, it's just the four of us. We'll still do the normal things, but I still feel a little sad that by Thursday my harvest table will be no more. We will take a few moments to remember what we are thankful for.

I've been posting daily on Facebook what I am thankful for. Someone suggested that the ideas might run out....I don't think so. With so much in my life, how could I ever stop being thankful? Even through the hard times, we should have grateful hearts.

So, good-bye old friend.....see you next year.......gobble....gobble...gobble

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