Saturday, October 31, 2009

monster mash

We attended the Monster Mash in Camden last night (otherwise known as the rodeo) and it proved to be an interesting outing. We actually hadn't planned on going, but as I was checking on people on FB, I saw that a couple of them were headed out to the rodeo for a night of fun. So, I checked it out, found out where it was, and off we went. It was mostly bull riding, which can go from boring to very, very exciting very quickly. One of the riders got hurt, and even had a seizure after being tossed off like a rag doll. One of the riders flipped over the head of his bull, and then hung onto the horns for a couple of seconds. The clown was pretty funny.....he dressed up as the Village People at one point in the evening and that was hilarious. I should have taken video of that! All in all, we had a good time getting our "cowboy" on and tromping through the dirt with the best of them.

This guy, along with his partner on the other side were suppose to rope the bulls that were frisky and didn't want to go into the pen after throwing their rider. I say suppose to because they weren't very good at it!

The oh, so, funny clown. He was hilarious!

Our cowgirl!

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  1. Haven't been to rodeo in years, use to enjoy them. Looks like you had a good one.