Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Once again, I left my camera (actually Stevie's camera) at home when I needed it! So, that has me on the hunt for a small one that I can just keep in my purse. Now, don't get me wrong.....I am not one of those people who runs around with the camera taking these wonderful impromptu photos that look like pictures out of a magazine (Tracy!), I just want to catch those memories (generally posed!) when we do something fun. Mostly, I think about all of the blog topics I would have if only I had my camera to show you.

Anyway, I digress, on the hunt am I. I know that I want at least 10mp and 3x zoom. I know what you're thinking.............Boy, look at her camera knowledge............... oh, that's not what you're thinking? okay, anyway, I know that I want these things because when I was in that professional camera store, you know the one.....with the big yellow sign and black letters (yes, yes, Best Buy) whom I said I would never buy from again because their customer service is sooooooooooo bad, 10mp was the highest that the majority of those camera had. I'm sure it's good enough for me.

The camera I have right now, I bought 5 years ago. It's 3mp, and you can tell the difference. Actually, I couldn't tell the difference until we bought Stevie's camera last year and it took much better pictures than the one I paid a lot of money for...........I knew I had a problem. But, I thought, I'll just use her new one and not worry about it. WRONG!

There are so many choices, does it really matter what brand I get? I do have standards, though. I don't want it to cost too much! and by too much, I mean I don't want to purchase it and then find a lower price on the internet. ugh! I know this may happen because last year at Christmas, Stevie picked out her specific camera and we priced it at all of the usual suspects (Target, Wal-Mart, BB, etc.) I thought I'd check online first, and got the absolute lowest price at Amazon. I never saw it lower than what I paid all season! I was thrilled, to say the least as I am CHEAP! So, I'll take suggestions or advice or possibly Tracy to the store when we see her this weekend, and find a camera so that all of you lucky people will get to see the fun stuff we do (or the random stuff we take pics of in grocery stores......like chicken feet!) I'd upload that picture here, but for some reason Mozilla and Blogger do not like to upload my pics. I guess I'll go back to blogging in Explorer when I finally find a camera and have pics to share!!

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