Thursday, October 1, 2009

a sacrifice?

In this news article, Michelle Obama says that it is a sacrifice for Oprah, the president, and her to travel to Copenhagen to plea for the Olympics in Chicago. A sacrifice, I ask? Indeed not. I believe it is time for a reality check, Mrs. Obama. Unfortunately for the people of America this is what our president and his wife deem a sacrifice. I don't believe they are in touch with the rest of us.

Yesterday marked the last day of September, and the last day of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that about September? Probably not. It doesn't get much press or attention in Congress. If you would like to help, see this blog for ideas. I think our fair leaders could learn a few things about sacrifice from the parents and children facing pediatric cancers. I praise God that I do not know first hand what they are going through, but I do appreciate their struggles. Take, for example, Mrs. Spady whose son died in July from an aggressive brain tumor. She, herself, has survived two types of cancer (colon and breast) and has now lost her son to this horrible disease. Sacrifice you say? I believe so.

Today is October 1, and the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It will get a lot of press, and rightly so. Think of Mrs. Doughty whose sister died of breast cancer, and then she too fought and won a gracious yet ferocious battle with it. Sacrifice you say? I believe so.

How about the Van Pelt family whose daughter was in a horrible car accident in July and so now they have to deal with rehabilitative issues for their 17 year old who should instead be enjoying her senior year of high school? Instead of band competitions, senior pictures, graduation invitations; they are dealing with diapers, lift equipment, and handicap vans.

How about those who have lost their jobs, health insurance, homes? Sacrifice? I believe so.

Then, there's the mom here in SC whose child just died of swine flu, the one whose 13 year old son shot and killed his 10 year old brother leaving her without either one of them. The children who go hungry on the weekends because there isn't enough food/money to go around and they pray they make it back to school on Monday just so they can eat. The wife whose husband uses her and her children as punching bags, the single mother trying to make ends meet who has to leave her children alone so she can work, the list goes on and on.

When and if the Obamas have to deal with any of these types of situations,then they can talk about sacrifice. Poor choice of words, Michelle.

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