Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cell phones

My friend, Janet, blogged about cell phones yesterday. Her post got me to thinking because I just had to laugh that she doesn't talk on it and rarely checks her messages. I am basically the same way. I have gotten to where I just hate talking on the phone, and I especially don't like talking on my cell phone. BUT, the thing I hate most is those thingies that people wear in their ears and then proceed to walk around stores and other public places talking into them. I can understand having one in your car, but to walk around in public? That is so rude! What is even more ridiculous, and obviously they don't realize how stupid they look, is to walk around with the thing in your ear and NOT be on the phone! Our society is just getting ruder and ruder. We think that our business is the only business that matters, and so we don't mind sharing it with everyone! I agree with Janet, are people that afraid of interacting with one another face to face? Come on!!

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