Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our weekend

Shea surprised us last Thursday evening by calling to say she was coming to see us. It ended up being a good weekend for since we already had several things planned. She had just spent the week at Disney with her "alternate family" and since she had a few days left of her vacation, we were the beneficiaries of those. It's okay, though, we don't mind the leftovers!

On Friday, Luke got out of school early for what was suppose to be a teacher workday, but ended up being a teacher furlough day. Poor teachers.....they don't get paid enough as it is, and now they have to take time off without pay :( I hope they all left and went home and didn't hang around working for free!

Anyway, we had already decided to use that day to take advantage of our zoo membership. The weather was a little cooler so the animals were quite active. We got to see several of them up close and personal as evidenced in these pictures:

We then went to see Couple's Retreat. Well, Stevie and Luke went to see Toy Story which they liked. However, Couple's Retreat? Just. say. no. Not funny at all, really and I generally like Justin Bateman, but his character was just annoying with his paralysis of analysis.

Saturday was a sad, sad, day. Georgia got beat......AGAIN. Come on, Tennessee? For real????
LSU lost............hate Florida. Enough said.

Sunday was homecoming at our church and we had a wonderful service, great crowd, and good meal. When I finally pulled Steve away, we headed out to McLeod's Farm to go to the corn maze and eat peach enchiladas. Although, now they have apple crisp so I will have to try that next time. We didn't buy apples, but we should have. They are the best place to get fruit, and their prices are great! The corn maze was not really hard, but it was fun. The weather was perfect as I have really been missing the Fall temperatures that we have grown use to!

We had a weekend to remember. These are the times in our lives that we cherish--family, friends, and good times. Life doesn't get any better does it?

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