Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall tv

I watch too much tv. I know that I do, and I don't care! I like it!! Here's a few of my favorite shows:

Brothers and Sisters: comes on Sundays, ABC @ 10est. This season is gearing up to be a great one with Ryan up to no good, Kitty having cancer, Robert running for governor, Justin trying not to flunk out of med school, and the rest dealing with issues that they make bigger than they should. I love the relationships that they share with one another and how the show deals with those.

Amazing Race: love, love, love this show where couples of various types (siblings, parent/child, best friends, etc.) race around the world for the prize of 1 million dollars. It would be worth more than the million to me to just experience this thing.

Grey's Anatomy: I thought they had jumped the shark last season, but I do believe they are back! Cannot wait to see what the writers come up with since Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompei are going to be out for several weeks. I just love the new Lexie/McSteamy romance, but hate the Callie/Arizona romance. ABC, why do you have to do this on EVERY stinking show???

Castle: This show seems even better this year, its sophomore season. Castle, a writer, and Beckett, a detective have wonderful chemistry and they make the show--about murders and such--entertaining and sometimes, funny.

These are just a few that I like. There's some new ones this year that I plan on telling you about, but for now...definitely check out The Good Wife if you haven't already. It's grrrrreat!!

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