Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We went to Suwanee this past weekend to see Sam and Jack in their last regular season t-ball game. Sounds odd, huh? They are 4 and 5, and their league has play-offs. Has the world gone insane? I think so, but that is another post for another time because, let me just say right now, that my two nephews are the cutest, funniest 4 and 5 year olds around.

If there were penalties in t-ball, Jack definitely would have gotten the dreaded "excessive celebration" call when after being tagged out at home, he still insisted he touch the plate and then did a whole fist pumping, both hands raised celebration dance all the way to the dug-out. He's too much!

By far the funniest moment was when Sam scored and as we cheered him on, he flipped us off!! Only, he was REALLY just saying, "We're number 1", but with his middle finger! Poor Tracy was mortified, I was laughing my tail off (not literally, of course, because if THAT worked, I'd do it all day!), Shea was hiding in shame, and Sam was oblivious.

Speaking of Sam, I forgot to mention that the child is brilliant! I honestly would hate to have him in my first grade class because what would you do with him???? He can read, write legibly, count, add, and he has countless other skills----keep in mind that this is Oct. and he is in Kindergarten! By the time he gets to first grade, he'll be able to teach it. It's SCARY.

So, great time with those boys............cannot wait to see them again!!!

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