Sunday, October 4, 2009

slideshares using Twitter

What an interesting idea. Using the tweets of others to prepare a slideshare on important events--like 9/11. Saw this here and it is pretty cool. I do hope that one day I can be as up-to-speed as these people who come up with this stuff.

I worry that I could spend ALL day every day browsing the internet and still not "get it", and in today's world of media center emphasis, that simply won't cut it! There's so much to do and learn, I can't possibly do it all.

The paper I am writing is on social networking in the schools. I'll definitely use this slideshare idea in the paper, but Stevie has been tweeting and she follows Melissa Joan Hart. You know, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch? Well, MJH tweets trivia questions and I thought....what a great idea! Teachers, media specialists, whoever could do that with students. The thing about school systems blocking these sites at school is....the kids use them anyway! Everyone knows that just b/c we tell them not to use their phones for texting, they do it so why do we expect them not to use their phones for the internet?

We shouldn't, we should instead capitalize on them! I've heard all of the arguments, and some of them are valid. Like, if we let them use the phone for educational things how will we know that they aren't doing non-educational things? How do you know that NOW?? We don't. We just have to constantly be on our toes. We have to keep up-to-speed. This is probably why I'm not brain is ON FIRE!! many ideas, so little time! LOL

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