Monday, August 17, 2009

what i'm watching

AS you can see from my profile, I love reality tv. I have recently encountered a few new shows that are too darn good to miss! I just had to share.....

HGTV Design Star- okay, so not funny but fun to watch. I love seeing what they come up with and watching Vern Yip and Genevieve (from trading places, remember that show?) try to be stern and mean......funny! I'm pulling for Torie, I love everything she's done so far.

Flipping Out- this one is funny. It stars Jeff who is--actually I am not sure what he is--the premise is that he "flips" houses, but in this mortgage economy there is barely any buying happening so flipping is pretty much out of the question! He is a DIVA and treats his assistants like dirt.........why would any educated person put up with being told they are going to "get a punishment" for making a mistake (forgetting the guacomole at lunch). TOO, TOO FUNNY! I would have told him long ago where to STICK it. I do like what he does with his that he is good.

Ten Dollar Dinner with Melissa D'Arabian- Melissa is the new Food Network Star and she was our favorite all through the show. So, this is just a shameless plug for her! YEAH, Melissa!

Chopped- Another food show. You'd think I like to cook or something, which I don't, but Steve does and I like to give him ideas by watching these shows and saying, you should try that! haha! This is a competition show for $10,000. The contestants are different each week, and they have different kinds of difficult ingredients to use for each course. One chef gets "chopped" after each course.

These are guilty pleasures for me, and unfortunately, there are others! I'm, sue me :)

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  1. I'm enjoying Design Star too, now that they've gotten rid of the crying women. Haven't been overly impressed with anyone yet.
    Also Project Runway starts this week on Lifetime, love it, favorite reality show. And the Top Chef on Bravo starts Thursday.