Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fishin' and four-wheelin'

We were invited to dinner tonight at a couple's home from our church. They wanted to let the kids go fishing which they both enjoy and had mentioned that they had 4-wheelers if the kids wanted to ride. So, Steve went to Wal-Mart and bought all of the obligatory fishing equipment and away we went for a peaceful evening.........or so we thought.

The fishing went great, for a while. Stevie caught the biggest fish of the night, but it got away before they could reel it in. Steve and Luke got nothing, but had fun trying. I wish we'd had our camera so that I could have taken a picture of Stevie's face when she realized that she had that big fish on her rod, and the look on Luke's face when he saw what was happening.......priceless!

So, Luke got bored and the kids decided to try 4-wheeling. Neither of them have ever driven a four wheeler and we didn't have helmets so I was FREAKING OUT to say the least. All started out well, with them slowly riding back and forth in front of me. Then, they started getting adventurous and riding around the pond all the while going faster and faster. Me, I'm sitting on the porch rocking back and forth and REALLY FREAKING OUT, but trying not to show it.

All of a sudden we start hearing someone yelling. I ignore it at first because I thought it was a neighbor who had been outside earlier yelling for something (I swear they were yelling for their pig.......but I don't know that for a fact). ANYWAY, the yelling continues and all of a sudden my mom ears perk up and I hear, HELP! MOM, HELP ME!! Needless to say, that was NOT an earthquake you felt tonight, but me running toward my child who I recognize now as Luke yelling for help. The couple we are visiting, thankfully, are faster than me and get to him first. I, of course, being scared out of my mind picture him lying dead (remember, he is yelling--so being dead wasn't really an option). By the time I get there, he is walking around so I get over to where he has come from. He tipped the four wheeler into a ravine! Steve and I didn't know if it was retrievable (Steve and our church member did get it out).

Thankfully, Luke is only bruised and sore; I am off to buy helmets; and we are ALL Praising our Heavenly Father for standing in the gap tonight by sending an angel for Luke to fall upon.

Thank you, Father for keeping my son safe when I couldn't. I will forever praise Your Name for the never-ending grace that you continue to bestow!


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Thank You, Father, for Your grace and unending love.

  2. Really sorry to hear about Luke's accident, I hate 4-wheelers. I even worry when I'm on my riding mower when I'm on a slope!