Monday, August 3, 2009

oh the places you can go!

and go we shall, I guess....... to visit more colleges, that is. We took Stevie to visit Trident Technical College in Charleston today. It was fine, really. However, the bad thing about a "technical" school is that on-campus housing is not an option. TTC is the ONLY tech school in SC to offer the program that she production. Obviously, several 4 year schools offer it.

I think that everyone involved in this decision thinks that it is best to wait until at least the spring semester for her to start. There's just too much to do in too short of a time to pull this off for the fall. She can take plenty of art classes at the Fine Arts Center here in Camden.

Furthermore, she just doesn't seem that excited about it, so why do it? We have several more places to visit so I guess slowing down the process will be a good thing. We got into this mess two years ago when we moved here before the semester was over in KY. That caused a problem when she transferred to GA and when we moved here, they weren't even willing to work with her. I believe that the guidance counselor's words were "I don't have time to deal with that."
Alrighty, then.............far be it from me to expect you to do your job! So, we enrolled her at the Adult Technical Education Center and she took and passed--with flying colors, I might add--the GED.

The problem with that is that she doesn't qualify this first year for any sort of lottery assistance UNLESS she goes to a technical school. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....where we go from here is anyone's guess!!

We will, however,continue to trust that God knows best and HE alone has already worked out this plan for her.

Only trust Him,
Only trust Him,
Only trust Him now. (a chorus from a beloved hymn)

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