Thursday, August 13, 2009

the life one leads

This week has been a hectic one. Several members of our church, who are siblings, lost their mother early this week. She lived a long life of 99 years, but that doesn't take their hurt away or cause the sting of death to be less severe. It does, I guess, bring comfort that she lived a long, good life.
Anytime something like this happens in the life of our church, our job is to minister in whatever way the family needs, to the survivors. It is a time of reflection, laughter, and tears. This week proved to be all of that, with something else that I wasn't expecting.
I didn't know the deceased and neither did Steve for that matter. So, when the family asked Steve to do the service at the funeral, he knew that he would need to know more about her. In order for him to accomplish this, we went and had lunch with them.
Laughter rang through the house as they recalled and recounted events from the past that brought memories of joy, and tears seeped out as they shared those important moments that are special to each individual who felt the loss. What struck me during this time was what happened when the conversation turned serious for a few minutes.
I began to hear things like, "she was a praying woman" ;"she loved the Lord and her church"; "she always did kindness for people, even when someone was unkind to her"; "she loved people and she showed it"; and my personal favorite, "she never said I can't, it's not my turn, I'm too tired or busy, or let someone else do it". Oh my, to be a person like that!

We sat there with these adult children talking about their momma,and I wondered what my children would say about me when I am gone. Will they have the same kinds of wonderful things to say or will they be at a loss for words? What kind of legacy am I leaving behind?

This dear sweet woman, even in her death, is still speaking kindness and love through her children.........will people say that about me? After this experience, I believe that I have been touched by Mrs. Rodgers. I believe that I will strive to be a better person, a stronger christian, a kinder soul. I want to be more like has certainly been my honor and privilege to be around this family this week, and I am saddened that I was not allowed the honor of knowing her.

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