Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NYC day 4 and tips

Well, I thought I would conclude my thoughts about my trip to NYC. The last day of any trip is filled with getting those last minute trinkets to take home, making sure all of the stuff you packed to get there gets back home with you, making sure your suitcase will close, and doing any quick things that you wished you'd had time to do, but didn't!

Julie and I headed out early and jumped on the subway to head to Macy's only to realize that they didn't open until 10:30. WHAT????????????? So, we grabbed breakfast (me at the underground Burger King and she at some little pastry shop) and sat in the courtyard in front of the store. I was the one who really wanted to go there in hopes of finding the all-important snowglobe that Luke has requested. The snowglobe was a NO-globe as they don't carry those except at Christmas. We visited EVERY floor. There are a bunch of them!

After leaving there, we parted ways as she wanted another cupcake from Magnolia's and I wanted to find a snowglobe. As luck would have it, I got back to our room in time to finish packing and get my stuff down to rejoin our group since the limo was waiting for us. BUT,, I ran to the store next door and grabbed one. WHEW!

After checking in at the airport, we headed to the security line where there was a sign that said--NO SNOWGLOBES are allowed in a carry-on. (Oh, for the love of all that is good, can we please start using a little common sense like the Israelis do so that we peace-loving Americans can once again get on an airplane in our own country without aggravation? ) I decided that I would just go through the line in hopes that they wouldn't catch it. THEY DID. and it fifteen.bucks!

But really, here's the rub.................they were selling snowglobes downstairs, past security!

I was not impressed. The plane ride home was uneventful and seeing the kids and Steve after being gone for almost a week was wonderful,of course! (but I'm ready to go back for another visit)

Here are some of my tips in case you go...........

1. Central Park is free and beautiful, but only go during the day. Great place for a picnic--we didn't have time to visit, but I've been there before and each time felt like I was running a marathon through it.....take your time and enjoy!
2. Don't eat in Times Square.............give your money to the local mom and pops.
3. Don't pay full price for a show (unless there is something that you truly must see)--TCKTS is the way to go.
4. Go to the TCKTS booth at South Seaport.
5. Experience the cheesecake at Carnegie Deli.....expect to pay $12 a slice...worth every penny.
6. Don't be afraid to take a's not that bad, and if you aren't going too far, not too expensive (don't do this every time, though)
7. Do spend the money to buy the multi-day pass for the double decker bus unless you know where you are going.
8. Explore all of the neighborhoods.........the bus will help with this.
9. If you don't care anything about going to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, ride the FREE Staten Island will get a good view of the statue and best of all FREE.
10. On Thursday (or maybe it's Friday) the Museum of Modern Art is FREE. Just check with them on the day--you have to wait in line to get a ticket, but the line moves very quickly.
11. DO see as many shows as possible. Including Rock of Ages which I forgot to mention--gives you a little "lighter" to hold up during those songs that warrant it. You know the ones, if you were in high school in the 80s.

Do you have tips that you can share? I know I would love to hear them because I do plan to go back soon, and others might like them too. Leave them in the comment section of this post.

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