Wednesday, August 19, 2009

imma needs

Haven't done this in awhile.......

Imma needs to clone myself.

Imma need to forget about all of that lucious lemon cake I ate tonight and get back on my program tomorrow. Imma needs that weight to keep coming off and cake ain't the way to do it!

Imma need to find a weekend that I can spend with my husband to celebrate our anniversary which is weeks past.

Imma needs football to get started soon..............Imma ready:)

Imma need that stupid woman at Wal-Mart to not be working the next time Imma in there!

Imma need the rude customers to stay home, too.

Imma need the department stores to stop hawking Christmas in August. Please, can we have a little Halloween??????????

Imma need someone to explain to me why Obama keeps going in circles chasing his tale. Imma need someont to explain to him that he'd be better off to fix one thing at a time and stop throwing money at it.

Imma need to buy that Vogue magazine that First Lady Sanford is in. Imma thinks that maybe she should have been the governor.

For those of you first time readers, Imma stands for I am going to need. My friend, Janet, has a picture of her Ima and she's pretty funny! Check it out.

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