Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ever just want to pick your computer up and toss it out into the front yard? And then reconsider and decide that would be too good for it so you imagine yourself taking a hammer and beating the CRAP out of it just so you feel better???????? I. AM. SO. THERE!!!!!

In all honesty, I should remember that my computer is a senior's so old that I cannot, in good conscience even call it "seasoned" like we do with some of our older folks. NO, it is so stinking old that, if it were human, it might know know, from Bible times!

If Moses knew my computer, he would probably throw it into the BURNING BUSH for me.

So, rant aside.....the problem might also be my oh-so-slow internet connection that is suppose to be "high speed" but in reality is just a step above dial up but so much more expensive. AND to top that off the provider of said "high speed internet" monitors your usage and if you go above the limit...they shut you off! We've never been above the limit, but you would think for what we are paying a month, they would come and wash our cars in gratitude.

I use the internet a lot--for school, for church, for the oh-so-important blogging, and so on and so forth; but mostly for school. It's mucho importante that I have it for school!

Now, all of that for this. I had to set up a personal learning network for school and I chose to use netvibes. I do believe that it is more trouble than it is worth. Every time I try to sign in, there's a problem. AND it takes my oh-so-old computer and my oh-so-slow internet ALL FREAKING DAY to load the page. all of this technology. I honestly love it, but I need a network and computer that will allow me to do what I need to do without my butt falling to sleep. Luckily, I think I'll be getting a new computer soon...............DSL.......I. MISS. YOU :(

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  1. You have my sympathy. We had problems with our connection, which is DSL, but was running slower than dial-up. They came out to check it, suggested I download Firefox instead of Safari, which I did and there was no improvement. We'd unplugged our Airnet before they came to check because we were sure they'd blame everything on that. So as a last resort we plugged it back in and low and behold we were flying.
    We both have new computers, my from last fall and Mac got one this spring. We've alway had Macs, tried a Dell once and ended up throwing it down the stairs.