Sunday, August 1, 2010

fbc lyons children's building

First Baptist Church in Lyons, Ga built this incredible building. These are only a few of the pictures. They paid a company to come in and paint all of these amazing murals everywhere. I have more pics, but this is all I have time for today!

the registration desk
their play place
it's two stories high...better than mcdonald's
even a place for moms to hang out

the youth area
youth area includes pool and ping-pong
the entrance to the children's building
this huge ship is painted next to the registration desk
looking down the hallway of classrooms
x marks "the spot"


  1. Like the murals, I'll bet Mac could do ones like that he's painted everything else.

  2. I think they paid somewhere around $10,000 for all of those.

  3. Patty, that's something else isn't it? How awesome for those kids and families!

    Hey, girl, you won my giveaway for my new Bible study. I need your address so I can send it to you in a couple of weeks. You can contact me via the Contact button on my blog. Look forward to hearing from you!