Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Imma-politics edition

Well, it's time for Imma to come out and play. For you new folks, "Imma" means "I'm going to need....." it's just shortened and I totally stole it from one of Shea's friends!  Love you, Amy!

Imma needs the president of our great country to puh-leeze stop talking about that mosque...or you know, anything else, for that matter unless you are talking about getting some people some jobs!

Imma needs Vincent Sheheen to win the governor's race here in good 'ole SC. Yes, I know he's a democrat, but really, can it get worse?

Imma also gonna need for these politicians...Sheheen keep their pants on! For crying out loud, people, do marriage vows mean NOTHING anymore?

Imma needs some of that stimulus money to come to SC so that my poor little school can get some new books and a full-time media specialist.....hopefully, that would be me, but whatever!

Imma also needs that Iman or whatever the heck he is to SHUT-UP about that mosque....get a grip....NOBODY wants that thing near the 9/11 site. How disrespectful is that??

Imma needs Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh to not make the rest of us republicans look like bumbling idiots...tone it down, people!

Imma needs the state highway department to bring those SLOW DOWN signs that were suppose to alert drivers that a church was near back.....why did you take them in the first place?

What else does Imma need, you ask? Imma has no idea, but is sure she can come up with something else soon!

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! I'm probably voting for a Democrat for Governor too, can't believe the people the Republicans are running.