Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the state of education funding

Politicians are in a state of denial when it comes to education funding. I honestly don't understand what the problem is. They know that children need to be educated, right? They know that they need teachers to do this, right? Research shows that smaller class sizes are imperative to making strong learners, right?
And yet, they continue to cut funding.

The sad thing is, they do not cut their expectations at all. I work in a small school with about 200 students. We have one teacher per grade level with one multi-age class thrown in for good measure. Never mind that we needed two teachers, they only sent one. I am the media specialist. I work part-time. For the past three weeks, the library has been CLOSED for half of the week because they won't hire anyone to help me, and they won't pay me to work. Without books, without reading, children cannot learn. So, why is it a good idea for the library to be inaccessible to groups of students who have no books in their homes?

To say that I am drowning is an understatement. My job is a full-time affair. To say that I feel like I am doing an inadequate job is also an understatement. Being gone half of the week leaves me feeling left out and behind when I return to work. I rush around trying to help teachers who need me, teach classes, help students, and do all of the administrative stuff associated with my job. Do more with less? I don't know if I can.

At this time, we have no book budget, no periodical budget, and not enough staff. When all the rage is to be like China or Japan educationally, technologically, how can we accomplish this? I'm frustrated with the system that thinks public education can fund itself.

Where are we going and what are we doing???? I want some answers!


  1. I am right there with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They pay lip service to valuing education, they don't really. And on the other hand I've seen schools waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on things that were not needed.
    I'm with you on class size, it's the only thing that will make a real difference, it will even make up for poor teaching.

  3. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron