Saturday, August 14, 2010

my thoughts

I've had several blog posts floating around in my head lately and honestly just couldn't muster the energy to put any of them into cohesive thoughts enough for one full post.


I decided to just post my thoughts on several subjects instead. Maybe, or not, I will come back to some of these and see if I can a form paragraphs about them later!

Whale Wars

1. This is the most bumbling group of idiots ever to take a boat onto the high seas. Do you watch this show? We just laugh, and of course, Steve (being a Navy man) just cringes whenever they do stupid things. Case-in-point: last night, one of the "captains" (his ship was the one that got destroyed by the Japanese) created a FIRE and burned a hole in the workroom while he was playing around with some of the equipment.
2. The Bob Barker was rammed by the Japanese which resulted in a hole in the hull where water was pouring in. They have no pump with which to get the water out, so they were scooping it up and putting it into a bucket to dump!
3. Honestly, I could go on and on because these people are stoopid.

Parenting Adult Children

1. As a parent, I thought once the kids were adults I would no longer have to worry constantly about them. Boy, was I wrong!
2. At what point do we as parents give up and let the kids come back to us in their own time when they've gotten mad? This is not what I wanted for my relationships with my adult children. Do I make the first move or should she? I don't know. I'm hurt and confused.

Chris L. of The Bachelorette
1. You were the best contestant ever.
2. I know you want to be near your dad and brothers, but please, the education world needs you.....get back to your chosen profession. Kids need more role models like you in their lives! You can landscape on the side.
3. I don't blame you for not wanting to share anymore of yourself on TV, but seriously, I'd love to watch you for two hours every Monday night. Yummy!

So, you can see that I have many thoughts. None of them are that important......but soon, I will be doing another "my favorite things" post that you will surely enjoy! AND, I know you've been wondering.....because that's what you do.......wonder what I'm wondering.....Imma is going to be making a statement soon.

Until then, Peace out!

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