Saturday, August 28, 2010

a funny story

Luke has been exceptionally tired every day since school started, and has gone to bed nearly as soon as he's walked into the door at 6 from a full day of school and band practice.

However, this past Wednesday, he was tired like I've never seen before. He doesn't have practice on Wednesdays, so he was actually home by 3:30. He went into the small TV room to eat a snack and promptly fell asleep in the chair. So much so, that Steve had to kick his foot to wake him up and tell him to take out the trash. After he did that, Steve asked him to bring the SOL cases of milk over to the church as I was busy preparing the sacks for this week's kids.

Thirty minutes later, Steve and I are over in the church and realize that Luke hasn't made it with the milk so Steve goes to investigate. He finds Luke SOUND ASLEEP with his feel on the ground, his body folded over the cases of milk in the backseat of his car, and his head on the seat. Again, he had to kick his foot to wake him up! He ended up sleeping 14 HOURS STRAIGHT that night.....

Now, that's what I call TIRED!

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