Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 years in the minefield

Dear Steve,

20 years ago today, I walked down the aisle on the arm of my daddy towards you...a man I had only know a few short months. However, I knew in my heart of hearts that God had sent you directly to me, for me. I was right. There is no greater joy for me than to love you.
Though the last 20 years have, at times, resembled a minefield, I've felt confident walking through it with you. You have been with me through many rough patches, but we have also experienced great joys. Those are the times that I choose to focus on today. You are the man I choose to continue to love, honor, cherish,and respect today.
At the end of your portion of our vows you asked me one question....Patty, will you be my wife? I said yes that day, and I'd say it louder and with more enthusiasm today. Because, without a doubt, I'll always be YOUR wife. The one who loves you more than any other.
My prayer today is that we have many, many more years together surrounded by family and friends, filled with God's love, and most importantly, the ability to always find our way to each other at the end of the day.

You are my best friend, and I love you.


  1. LOVE this! Happy Anniversary! What an awesome thing to say. I love the imagery of the two of you walking through a minefield hand in hand and sometimes you reaching out to grab his arm and hang on. That really is how marriage feels sometimes isn't it! I hope this is a speecial day for the both of you!