Friday, April 30, 2010

an adventure

So, Steve and I went to the beach for a couple of days. We said it was going to be an early anniversary and graduation celebration, but what it really was that I needed a three day nap!

We didn't sleep all of the time, however, so let me tell you the highlights...........

You know I love ice cream........and we stumbled upon Fat Matt's Ice Cream Shop. We didn't stumble as much as made a seriously screaming u-turn in our mini-van to get back to it when we saw it. Now, there were tons of choices, and I was thinking to myself....hey, let's go with the fat-free italian good to yourself.........but, NOoooooooooooo. Steve, with his diabetic self, at the other end of the counter where the good stuff was, I have to stop here because, Tracy, you need to brace yourself, he says,

"Look, they have red velvet cake ice cream!" Well, that's the one we must get and oh my goodness, it was TO.DIE.FOR.

We thought we'd take a dolphin cruise because that's something I have always wanted to do and never have. So, Steve, bless his heart......called and made a reservation with a place in Calabash, NC. We figured we'd drive up there, see if the shrimp was all it was cracked up to be, and then do the cruise. But, alas, the cruise was canceled for lack of interest........I guess MY interest didn't matter to Captain, we decided we'd still try the shrimp. Can I just say that there is indeed a difference in Calabash?? A.BIG.DIFFERENCE. That was the BEST ever fried shrimp I have put in my mouth. Yummy.......I believe that shrimp will be calling me.........well, not those exact shrimp..........but you get my point!

They also have some really cute shops up, if you are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, take the's short and oh, so, worth it.

We took in a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game (or two, to be exact).The first night, they won and it was tons of fun. We had great seats........first row on the 3rd base side. (The Pelicans are not very good). The second night was $1 beer night. Can you see that we are headed for trouble?? I did have to go and get security to take care of some rowdy revelers in front of us (this time, we were on the 2nd row behind home plate). They were NOT impressed that I called them on their crap. They kept trying to stare me down! HAHA Uh.....Hello? Have we met? No? Well, let me introduce myself............I am a mom to 3, adopting a 4th--who will probably be another adolescent, and I teach school.........I. AM. NOT. SCARED. OF. YOU! Ahhh, drunks........gotta laugh...........
The moral of that story is, do not go to the Pelicans game on Thursdays if you find bad language offensive.

We also visited Broadway at the Beach. We like just wandering around watching the ducks and the creepy, big-mouthed fish that want to be fed. Well, you know those ticket booths that try to lure you over with offers of great deals at shows, but what they really want is to get you to listen to a LOOOOOOOOOnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg sales presentation? Yeah, not happening. Well, as we were moseying along, one of the workers called out to us.......Going to any shows? and as we walked on by, she continued with Going to weight watchers? Uh.......okay......that was rude. I should have gone back and said something clever, but didn't (mainly because I was completely stunned and couldn't think of anything clever at the moment). Priceless blog fodder!

We went to the beach, but didn't actually step foot onto the shore. Weird, huh? I am just not into getting sandy. Not my cup of tea.

All-in-all a successful, restful trip with some unusual drama folded in. Do you think I have pictures for you? Good. I knew you'd understand that the camera I purchased for such occasions as this would never actually make it to said appointments. I'm glad you know me so well. Suffice it to say that the was beautiful. The food.....divine. The entertainment.....priceless. Can't wait until we embark again........I think its to Florida for the convention next time!

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  1. Red velvet cake ice cream - close to Myrtle Beach? We're there already. I'd break a diet for that too. Glad I'm so closely associated with that decadent dessert in your mind. I'm sure that's a compliment.

    Rude people though - too bad to hear that - I would have pulled him/her inside by her ear, found the boss and have been responsible for a firing that day. That's ridiculous