Monday, April 12, 2010

adoption class part 1

On Saturday, we attended part 1 of the 14 hour adoption training we have to complete. I can seriously define it in ONE word...............boring! Actually, there were times that I was completely interested in what the presenter was saying, and other times that I failed to see the point of spending my time there. ALL DAY!

We did get the rest of the paperwork that must be completed. The next step is to complete that and attend for one more Saturday another all day class. We were suppose to go this coming weekend, but since our women's ministry event had already been planned and I'm kinda in charge; we thought it best to put it off until next month. Which means that we will have to wait until we finish that class before we can even begin the homestudy process.

They've added a whole other step to that process. Our family worker will have to come out before the fire marshall and go through the house to make sure everything is kosher. I'm sure they are doing that because the fire marshall only wants to come one time............go figure! So, Melissa will come, the fire marshall will come, and the DHEC inspector will come (to make sure we don't have anything dangerous around). THEN, and only then can we get down to the nitty gritty of the home study. That part where they come and spend several hours talking to everyone and looking over our home. The stressful part!

I'm thinking that we won't get to that until around July or maybe even August. Which I guess is fine....or at least it might as well be! It is what it is.

Someone did ask the question why we have to go through all of this when the bio parents can get their kids back without providing a decent home environment for them. GOOD question! However, nobody knows the answer.

So, the process continues. For now, just paperwork and lots of prayer. Praying for that child of mine who is not yet mine and who is living somewhere else.

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. that is an excellent question. i had not thought of that before, but now it kind of irritates me that that is the case. ahhh, the things that fall through the cracks.