Friday, May 22, 2009

summer faves

I'm not really a fan of hot weather, and therefore summer is my least favorite season. However, there are some things I love about about you?

1. First and foremost, I have to say (because it wasn't said earlier) that while I didn't get to watch the American Idol finale (I was on the road), I did a little whoop-dee-doop when Steve called me as the winner was announced, and the winner (in case you live in a cave and don't know) was.......


2. Nobody likes hot feet (do they?), especially me. I have recently found these and just love the way they feel on my feet. The soles look like they would be hard, but they are actually soft and very, very comfy--which to me is the number one requirement!

3. I love fresh fruits and vegetables. So, while I don't garden (too darn hot), I love the benefits of them. This is one my most favorite ones:

4. I know this next one is weird, but I love this because it kicks off our vacation every year. Which this year, might be here or here or possibly somewhere not yet linked!
5. I love, love, love ice cream. However, for a cool treat that's different I like Rita's Georgia Peach ice.
Leave a comment about your summer faves, and we'll add those to the list :)

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