Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday, a post about the things that I could not have possibly done over the past week. You can read many, many Not Me! posts at: where MckMama invented this clever little ditty to give people like me something to post about on Mondays! So, I am gonna give it the ole college try and see how you like it!

While walking with my 77 year old partner last week I did not whine and complain about the hills and the heat while she quietly trudged along beside me for two very long miles. I also did not complain to a person twice my age that my hips and back were hurting. No, Not Me! I am a trooper!

I definitely did not strut on down to the chicken strut festival to watch the people parade by whilst my kids rode rusty old carnival rides and ate funnel cake! No, Not Me!

I also did not, no way, tell my allergy-suffering husband that he needed to stop that dry, hacking cough so that I could sleep! No, Not Me!

Being the education-driven mom that I am, I absolutely did not sign my son out of school early on Friday after the band concert so that we could go and see Wolverine at the matinee price! No, Not Me!

I also did not, NO WAY think that my son was the most talented player in the entire band at said concert! Absolutely NOT!

So tell me, what did you NOT do?


  1. Ha! Loved your Not Me's!

    Chicken Strut Festival sounds like a blast!


  2. so funny! And now I'm hungry for a funnel cake...