Wednesday, May 13, 2009

american idol

I am a huge American Idol fan. Steve and I watch it from the very beginning to the bitter end. Next week will be the end........we shall see if it is bitter (if Adam wins) or sweet (if Kris wins). I am really tired of the judges this season. They have gone on and on and on ad nauseam about Adam. My word, could they be more prejudicial? I think they don't like Kris because he is a christian and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Can't have that in Hollywood, now can we?

Kris became my absolute favorite a week or so before my last favorite (Matt) was voted off. I loved Matt, but sadly, it was time for him to go. I liked Danny from the beginning, and those on the internet hate him and have said some nasty things about him (untrue, I'm sure!). But Kris can SING!! He doesn't screech like Adam (or look weird, or do strange things with his tongue), he sings. And afterall, isn't this a singing competition (as Simon likes to say)?

So, I hope AI fans/voters get it right next week (right according to me) and Kris wins! I would love it for two reasons:

1. He deserves to win. The judges have been downright mean to him on several occasions, and what was Kara's problem on Tuesday night that she criticized him singing a song that she picked?!

2. That would mean that the judges didn't get their way even though they begged people to vote for Adam.

My feelings about this is the same as last year's presidential election. I don't care for John McCain, but had to vote for him because, in so doing, it was a vote against the media bias surrounding Obama. It was sickening, and so is this Love-fest for Adam.


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  1. You guys have always loved American I remember you yelling at us (in a funny way) to be quiet because you couldn't hear the tv.

    I sent ya an e-mail...if ya didn't get it, you can just e-mail me at sayruh.noel at