Saturday, May 16, 2009


While at the ballgame Thursday night, two men sitting behind me began discussing another man with whom they had grown up. One of the men said, "preacher's sons are a different breed". I wondered why he would think such a thing much less say it.

Preacher's kids or pks are just kids. They don't ask to be pks, the majority of them (and none that I know of) WANT that burden, so why do we expect them to live up to impossible standards? Isn't being a kid these days hard enough without constantly being judged and juried by people they barely know?

I don't really think Jesus views my children any differently than any other child he's put here, so why should we? Hug your pks this Sunday...............I know I'm going to hug mine a little closer :)
and remember...
"It's amazing how a handful of ordinary words can linger upon the ears of which they're heard." song heard of season one of Joan of Arcadia

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