Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I always feel such a profound sadness when someone young dies, don't you? We found out last night that one of Stevie's friends committed suicide. They were kindred spirits suffering together all of the challenges that come with growing up with ADHD, and he had multiple other issues that I can't reveal.

I just hate that he felt his life was hopeless and that the only way to deal was to end it. He left behind siblings and parents who will mourn forever. I can't imagine a problem so large or despair so deep that would cause me to kill myself, but many people do. The problem is very real amongst younger people, and especially those with challenges. They feel that the world is against them because teachers, parents, friends, etc. just don't get them. I have seen the struggles that my own child has faced with insensitive teachers and church people. Those with whom she should have felt very safe, but didn't.

It's, so sad. Please, I beg you, try kindness. You never know when the words you say may prevent a tragedy like this.

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