Friday, September 24, 2010

hunger games

After being instructed that I JUST HAD TO read this book by children and adults alike, I relinquished. Mostly, because last Sunday, I found myself bored and unable to nap. I grabbed the book off of Luke's shelf and away I went.....into the world of District 12 and Panem, that is.

I was actually suprised to find that I really, really liked it. So much so, that I finished it THAT. DAY.  I just Couldn't put it down! Now, let's not forget that this came as a shock-a-roo to me because the last time my kids wanted me to desperately read a was Twilight. And that book? WAS JUST AWFUL. I know, I know, most people liked it. But me? No thank you ever again to a Stephanie Meyer of any kind.

I liked Hunger Games so much, that on Monday, I read Catching Fire--the sequel--and today, I finished Mockingjay--the final in the trilogy.

So, if you find yourself bored--pick it up. I don't like science fiction, but was completely compelled by this one.


  1. Patty, I've got to agree with you about the Stephanie Meyer book, I went ahead and read the whole series and each one was worse than the first. Maybe I'll give Hunger Games a try. I "dip" into YA books fairly regularly.

  2. Loved these books as well. They really made we think...How far off are the Hunger Games for America...How quickly could we go from a free country to one ruled by a dictator, kept in cages for our "protection"
    Glad you enjoyed them. A good read can be hard to find.