Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Love has many faces.

There's the love a mother feels when she sees her newborn baby...that feeling that you could never love another living thing as much as you do that little person.

There's the love that a father feels when he sees his daughter move into a college dorm knowing that he must allow her to fend for herself and find her own way.

There's the love that a newlywed couple has when it's fresh, and then as it is renewed with each passing year.

And then, there's the love that comes after being married for seventy years and that dear one dies, that feels as though you will be torn in two simply because half of you is gone.

We've witnessed this love, and Steve saw it fresh and anew the other day.

This was his view........

A little ninety year old woman standing, facing her husband's fields where side-by-side she had labored with her one and only.....holding his cap up as though she could still see him there and was waving to him. Perhaps she did see him there. Oh, Mrs. Louise, we love you so.....and we know that you miss Calvin more with each passing day. One day, precious lady, Jesus will call for you, too and we all know that Calvin will be the one at the gate holding it open for his love. But He leaves you here to be an example to everyone around you of what TRUE love and faithfulness means.

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  1. Oh I love this! True love stories are so hard to come across these days. I don't even know this sweet lady, but my heart both breaks for her and is thankful that she experienced that kind of love in this lifetime. Thanks for sharing!