Tuesday, September 21, 2010

let's talk Jesus

Jesus, and only Him.

How do we know Him? Truly, honestly, without question, KNOW HIM?

It's interesting that this week's chapter of Radical discusses this concept as this has been a question we have struggled with over the last month or so in our home about the people who sit in the pews at our church.

Do you hunger?

Do you really, REALLY, want to know Him or are you scared of what you may find should you look too deep?

The situation is dire and heart-wrenching. So many who believe they are saved because they walked an aisle, said a prayer, momma went to church every Sunday, etc. are gonna wake up in Hell one day and wonder what happened or be left behind when the Bride is called home.

Can you be truly saved when your number one question to yourself isn't how will my actions affect those to whom I am a witness?

Many times I have mentioned to my husband that he needs to "just preach Jesus" and let Him take care of the rest. The beauty is that God is taking care of what needs to happen. He is reaching into the depths of hearts that do not even know how rocked their world is about to become. I know, for me, my views are being shattered.

God is a God who expects something, and we are people who owe something. Not the other way around.


  1. I'm reminded of Matthew 7, where Christ said that people would come to Him, saying that they had done many things in His name, only to hear that He never knew them. Sobering words. I think that's a timely message for every generation, this one most definitely included.

  2. Sometimes we just want others to "get it" so badly!