Sunday, September 12, 2010

our life

Our life has been super busy and complicated lately. Between my work schedule, Stevie's school schedule, Luke's band schedule, and Steve's multiple schedules I feel like we don't always have the time communicate. I certainly feel like I don't have time to adequately blog, so I thought....why not combine the two?

So, here's our update on our lives!

Steve: Started his Doctorate degree classes this week. He's taking three classes, and he thinks that he's going to like them. He has also been voted president of the newly formed band booster club. On top of all of that, he's been having to make many decisions...not all of them the church. A leader has to do what's right, not necessarily what's popular!

Stevie: Started back to college this semester taking four classes. She is riddled with homework, but we have been so proud of her commitment to her school work. She also babysits most Thursday nights which gives her a little spending money. Please, please, please pray that when she takes her driving test this month that she passes! This will make Steve's life a ton easier as he won't be tied to her schedule.

Luke: He is now playing the trumpet and the saxophone in the high school marching band. They go to most football games, have competitions on Saturdays, and practices every day except Wed. after school. On Wed., he continues his lessons with Mr. Jim whom he is learning a ton from! Luckily for him, his school schedule isn't too hard for him this semester. He has very little time for himself.

Me: Fortunately, I am the least busy. I am extremely busy at work, but I can only do so much with the hours they are willing to give me and I am having to learn to let it go! I cannot do anything about the situation, so I am settling in and getting it done. I still don't have an answer to my platelet problem, but I am trusting God to take care of me in that situation as well.

Satan has been attacking us this past week. There are a lot of great things happening in at our church, (like 100 or more in services), but Satan is not happy about it! He is trying his best to put a damper on our spirit, but as I wrote the other day, we are simply going to let God fight this battle for us. What else can we do, really?

So, all in all, things are good. Busy, but good.

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