Sunday, October 3, 2010

band season

Is kicking our tail! It's been several years now since we have had to give up every single Saturday to be gone out of town from morning until the next wee hours of the morning. Got back in about 1:30 this morning, and of course, Steve has to preach while I begin the children's Christmas musical during children's church.

Last time we did band, we weren't involved with the equipment at all. We simply went and sat in the stands to enjoy the performances. Of course, way back then, our band was usually performing in the last category so you sat with bated breath watching the competition and anxious for how we would do! This year, our band is small like the smallest competing marching band in the entire state!

So, I watch our band at the beginning while Steve helps with the equipment; and then I sit and sit and sit until nighttime falls when finally the awards happen.

It makes for an exhausting day.....but, we love it because Luke loves it! So, right now......that's why my blogging is so sporadic. It takes the first half of the week to recover from the weekend, and I'm too busy the second half of the week.

Hope you are spending your days doing something that you LOVE!

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