Saturday, October 23, 2010

today's a big day

Today, our little band will try to qualify to go to the State band championship. We have to be in the top 6 in our division to get there. The kids have worked their tails off, and we are so proud of them, that I just want them to make it so bad!

People don't really understand the sacrifice it takes to commit to the marching band. They put in more hours than the football team during the season, because not only do they practice the same amount of time each day, play at the games on Fridays, they also give up about 5 Saturdays to compete.

So, Marching Knights, get out their and give it your deserve this!

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  1. I know of the sacrifice you are talking about. The dance team I was on was part of the band and it was the greatest time commitment I've ever put into anything. But such a great experience!

    Hope y'all have lots of fun today and reach all of your goals!