Sunday, October 10, 2010


What makes a person a celebrity these days? It used to be that a person needed an actual talent before reaching that "celebrity" status. Now, it seems that any boobalicious or just plain boob can get it. There's no talent involved. Then we have people like the Kardashians (who are these people, anyway?) as celebrities who are proud of the fact that they got into a bar fight.

There's people like this Snooki character and "The Situation", really? Why would you want to be called that? in public, no less. Call me old-fashioned, I don't care. A celebrity is not someone who suddenly finds themselves on a "reality" show and then goes "stupider".

My bookfair at school begins this Friday. The theme this year is "Everday Heroes". Let's talk about REAL celebrities.......firefighters, policemen, teachers, postal workers, volunteers.....these are the people that make our country great.....that make it something to be proud of.

I'm so sick of our culture not recognizing those who are truly special. Those who work day in and day out to take care of their families, and who aren't given breaks for anything and everything they do. Those people who are just "normal" who are at home taking care of their kids instead of bar fighting. These are the ones we should be treating like celebrities.

It's time to wake up to the real world. Especially for the sake of our kids....they need true role models.

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