Thursday, October 14, 2010

white-coat phobia

I do believe this is a true, very real syndrome that probably has a name; but, I'm too traumatized lazy to google it. There's something about that coat that turns me: a rational, educated, calm individual into a blathering idiot who probably throws her furniture out the front door so it can be cleaned by the rain.
I honestly don't know what comes over me when I get into that small room--my hands start sweating, my heart starts racing, and my mind (previously filled with all sorts of intelligent questions or requests) goes completely blank.
Then, the minute the babbling brook called my train of unintelligle thoughts ends, the doctor.....wanting to escape the crazy walks out and I turn back into a rational, educated, calm person again who wants to yell, "Wait! Come back. I'll show you I'm not crazy." But, alas, it is too late for he is gone, and I am left on my own to decipher WTH just happened. 



  1. It is an actual condition, my doctor in California said I suffered from it. Every time I saw him my blood pressure shot up 20 points, no joke.
    Doing better here, but worry about it when I have an appointment.

  2. It is called iatrophobia. The fear of doctors, and is a real condition.