Saturday, July 21, 2012

still here

I'm still here...I bet you thought I'd run away again, didn't you? We got a phone call last Monday morning that totally changed the way the rest of our summer looked. Most of you know that Steve's dad was rushed to the hospital, and we were on our way to Orlando quickly thereafter to see about him.

It was a long three days, but we came home since Steve's nephew, Eric, was coming down to take care of things for a few days. We are off again either tomorrow or Monday for I'm not sure how long. That means that I won't get to spend the week with my nephews, Sam and Jack, but we do what we must.

This coming week is registration for school around here....hate I am going to miss it, I love seeing all of the kids after the break! Luke will be registering for his Junior year...I can't believe it. This means that I have tons of stuff to get done before school starts back.

I have lots of blog fodder, but I'll have to get to it later. Keep us in your prayers, and will you also say a prayer for my friend and fellow preacher-wife, Mikki? She's been sick all summer, and just can't seem to shake it.


  1. Be careful in your travels, I'll be thinking of you.

  2. You are too sweet! Thanks for thinking of me and sharing your concern with your bloggy friends! I appreciate it more than you could know.

    I'll be praying for you and yours during such a hectic time. Take care...