Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We have had the worst luck with band directors since our kids have been in high school. Luke will be starting his junior year in August with yet another new director. Yep, this latest one quit! I don't really blame her. She was here all alone, her family and fiance lived away. So, there was nothing holding her here, and lately her dad had been really ill. However, we wouldn't have even known if I hadn't checked the KCDS website to look at the job openings and saw that it was posted. Supposedly, the principal has already hired someone who I'm guessing should be voted on in tomorrow night's board meeting. I, personally, hope it's a man; and that it is someone with a good sense of direction. This has gotten ridiculous.

How can a high school class that is fun have so much drama??? For Pete's sake, I don't think our school has as much drama as one would find in that one class!

Speaking of our school, it is time for me to get it into gear with the common core standards in reference to the library. It won't be long before registration, and from there it is downhill until the start; and that downhill slide is really more like an avalanche it comes so fast. But for now, I will enjoy what is left of the summer, and hopefully we'll get to meet this new director this week.

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  1. All schools have drama! That's what I miss the least, don't start thinking about school yet.