Wednesday, July 4, 2012

48 week challenge

Luke and I have taken the 48 week challenge put forth by Weight Watchers. The object is to walk a half marathon by the end of the plan set forth. We are currently on day we have a long way to go! However, it makes me feel good that I am not only doing something for myself, but for Luke as well. I enjoyed every minute I get to spend with him so that is motivation for me. We wait until 10 or 11 PM to walk so that it's not so hot.

 Steve is walking also, but on the inside on the Wii. He's done that before and lost a ton of weigh so now he is trying to build himself back up to where he was before.

The biggest factor for all of us is that we must keep at it for THE REST OF OUR LIVES! Yea, that's a long time (or I certainly hope it is). I want Luke to learn some good habits before he leaves for college in a couple of years because I know that after that I have no control over what he does.

The challenge for me now though, is to find a marathon to sign up for next summer. I want to sign us up so that we have a tangible thing to look to. Anybody else want to join us??


  1. Good for you! We do 2 miles a day, no marathons for me. Mac does several miles more on his treadmill. He ran a marathon once, I can't imagine. We use to do Volks Marches when we lived in Germany, usually 5 or 6 miles. Have actually done 10 miles, but 5 is my limit now, and it has to be cool and flat, no hills!