Sunday, July 15, 2012

a new adventure

Well, today marks the day that Stevie begins her adventure as a Pampered Chef consultant. She seems really excited about it, and if you know Stevie you know that emotions are not her strong suit (or showing them rather). She's having her launch party today, and she's making veggie stir-fry and brownies. She was told to keep it simple, and she is.

She's been on the phone with her leader (or whatever she's called), doing online trainings, and working through the notebook to learn how to run her own business. This is actually the first thing she's been excited about since moving to SC. She still needs to get a "real" job and/or go back to school ~ which she says she is doing this fall, but haven't seen any real evidence of that yet. I am ready to get her off my payroll!

Anyway, I'll post some pictures after the party and let you know how she did. I certainly hope it goes well, I hate to see her discouraged this early in the game.

You can always help her out by ordering online should you need anything.

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