Sunday, July 1, 2012

back in the saddle

Just about every night I go to bed thinking of a blog post that I need to write. I finally decided that I must now have things to say again since I couldn't stop thinking about it. There's been a lot to happen since my last post, and I won't even try to make you sit through that'd never make it. I will, however, give you the quick run down for each family member.

Steve: graduated from Luther Rice with a masters of divinity degree (yes, he already h ad his masters, but he had to have like 10 more hours to get into the doctorate program and that left him with this additional degree) so, he is now a doctorate student.

Shea: lost a ton a weight and looks amazing! She worked out with a trainer for several months, and he really whipped her into shape. Still waiting for God to send her a man, and now a true "grown up" job. She's ready to get out of retail!

Stevie: just  today became a consultant for Pampered Chef. So, if you like the stuff, have a catalog party for her if you live far away. She can still help you out, and you can help her get her business going. She is really excited about it, and we are excited for her as this is the first thing EVER that she has pursued without any pressure or help from us. She still wants to go back to school...we'll see.

Luke: still amazing. He's moved up to number 4 or 5 (from 6) in his class at school. He wants to stay in the top 5. He is playing flute now, taking private lessons, and is really good! We bought him a truck so here's to hoping he gets his DL soon!

Me: I am on no lupus meds right now. I got tired of fighting them.....they made me feel worse than the lupus ever did! I am on weight watchers...again....but I do feel differently this time about it. I won Reading Teacher of the Year at my school. That was an absolute honor. I am suppose to be full-time next year, finally, and am looking forward to what I will be able to accomplish.

2012 so far has been good to us.

There's so many topics that I can't wait to talk about, but I shall stop for now.


  1. So good to have you back blogging! Sounds like things are going well for all of you. Keep blogging!

  2. Yay! It's truly a beautiful season!

  3. So glad you are back! Congrats on your award, that is awesome!