Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have been opposed to ereaders, ebooks, emagazines, or e anythings forever. I didn't really think I would ever enjoy reading a book from a device. I'm old school, and I like having the actual book in my hand: feeling the pages, smell of fresh ink, and being able to see how far I am along! So, imagine my surprise when I found a used Kindle for cheap and bought it. I am now in love. I like not having to hold the book open or turn the pages.

Luke has a Kindle Fire that we got him for his birthday, and I like to play games on that, but still didn't think I'd want to read on it. He loves it, especially the "immediateness" (I don't think that's a word) of a book that you can download. Click purchase, and within minutes there it is.

Anyway, I just happen to see a conversation on Facebook that my SIL was having with some of her friends, and I chimed in. The next thing I knew I had agreed to buy her neighbor's plain ole regular Kindle. I got the device, cover and screen protector for $60 so I figured I could use it in the library or something. Once I got it, I downloaded a couple of books on it, and now I. Am. Hooked.

It still saddens me that the world of books may be disappearing, but I will still hold out hope that future children have that ability to hold, smell, feel, and truly experience a book. How sad it would be if they didn't!

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  1. I love my Kindle Fire, but it won't do books in, that would cost too much. So I still buy cheap used books and "buy" free books for my Kindle and only a few books a month for it.