Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sometimes we lose

Today, we attended the funeral of a man who had too few years here on earth with us. Allen was a pastor in our local association, and also one of the pastors who participated with us in "the gathering". I remember the first time we ever met Allen, we were greeted with a huge smile and a gracious spirit. We had gone to welcome him to the community and introduce ourselves. We didn't get to know him nearly as well as we'd have liked, but each moment spent with him allowed us to walk away blessed.

Allen had melanoma. It struck with a vengeance, unexpectantly, and took him swiftly. Too swiftly. He touched a great many people, as was evidenced by the standing room only service today.

Sometimes we lose. We lose people we love, we lose battles hard-fought, and we lose perspective.

Our perspective is not God's perspective. Only He sees the big picture that we are unable to see. Only He knows what purpose this loss will have in the days to come. And only He will get his beautiful family through this nightmare they now walk.

Yes, sometimes we lose.......but, in Allen's case, he was the victor. He walks the streets of gold with Jesus; he sings in the choir of angels; and he feasts at the table with those who went before him. Allen is happy today because he served a Living Savior.

Knowing God sees the big picture can help us through our losses in life.....big or little......so, yes, sometimes we lose......but with God, we will always win.

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