Friday, March 11, 2011

fell off the wagon

the diet wagon, that is. Yesterday, I attended the South Carolina Association of School Librarians conference, and you know what that means.....especially for teachers~ LUNCH OUT! We went to California Dreamin, and if you haven't ever been there......OH, THE GOODNESS  of it all! It started out okay when I ordered the small salad....b/c, literally the big salad could feed the five thousand.....but then, I couldn't help myself and I ordered a side of.....FRIES! and Boy, were they good!! Every crunchy, salty one of them. So, today I must jump back on and carry on. Maybe the fries will keep me for awhile. But, I am attending the conference again today. So, please, please, please pray for strength. It's so very difficult when you get off of your schedule.

In other news, my assistant is making great progress, and they hired a long-term sub. So, maybe things can get back to semi-normal in the library.

Have a great day!

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