Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I totally missed posting yesterday, I was just too busy with our band meeting about our upcoming Disney trip! Yeah!! tomorrow we leave, and the band follows the next day. So excited to be taking a vacation and that I actually feel good. Here's hoping that the prednisone that I've been taking will last through the trip. I haven't felt this good in a long time. Unfortunately, I took the last pill today.......mind over matter is what I'm thinking.

So, Steve and I went out Saturday for V-day. We knew we wouldn't have time once the week started. I tricked (haha) into going to Handpicked (one of my new favorite stores!) and I hand picked me out a gift. It's a beautiful silver love knot necklace with earrings to match. We don't usually buy stuff like that, but I combined it for my birthday.....and didn't feel guilty one bit.

He and Stevie surprised me at work yesterday with a balloon, rose, candy, and lunch. So, so sweet! What did he get, you ask? nothing.....he got me....poor thing~HA

Seriously, though. When you are married to the right person, V-day should be everyday! Steve shows me how he loves me in so many ways every single day. Sometimes, I wonder if I do enough for him, but I know that doing for me and kids brings him pleasure. I feel so blessed to have him.

My dad use to tell me that he prayed for my spouse before we ever knew who he was (I do this for my kids, too). I can tell that God answered dad's prayers. He sent me the perfect person for me and while I wish I had been patient and waited on God's timing; He turned my mistakes into good in spite of my impatience.

I'm so blessed to have a man who loves me. Our marriage is stronger today than ever, and we are cemented together because of our mutual love of God and our want to do His will. I love you, Steve. Words are not adequate, and I'm happy that you don't need them to know that I trust you with my heart because I could never do justice to the man you are.


  1. Sounds wonderful! So glad you've been feeling better and had such a great Valentine's! Hope y'all have a blast on your trip.

  2. Have a great trip and I hope you feel awesome the whole time!