Friday, February 18, 2011

Disney: Day 1

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  1. And that's my dad....
    You MUST ride Soarin'. Luke already told me he rode it and loved it, so you have to to ride it too. Ask them to sit in the front row; they should let you. Otherwise you have feet dangling above you and the experience isn't the same. You want to be at the top. Next, for rides that let you, always go with single rider. You won't be able to ride with your buddy, but you will probably get to ride it a lot faster than if you did ride with your special someone. Fast Track at Epcot and Rockin Roller Coaster both have this option and sometimes, not all the time, the wait time is a lot less for single riders. And, this way you can ride it again if you want without having to wait for another hour+. Mom, you need to ride fast track. It's pretty awesome. Um, if I think of any more Disney need-to-knows I will let you know.